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Modem vs router
What is the Key Difference Between Modem and Router?

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few years back, modems and routers were on-ramps to the information superhighway, growing more powerful each year. And today, we can’t even imagine a day without getting connected to any of these devices to fulfill our daily Internet needs. Most people rely on their […]

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What is a router
What is a Router and How Does it Work? A Comprehensive Guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you ever wondered how all your personal devices connect to the Internet at the same time? The answer to this is Router. Routers, as the name suggests, route data packets between your device and servers connected to the Internet. For example, when you access […]

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Metaverse ready network
Building Metaverse Ready Networks: A Guide for Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes Metaverse represents a new era of immersive experiences, where virtual and physical realities seamlessly blend together. From virtual reality gaming and augmented reality applications to virtual meeting and social interactions, the metaverse is transforming the way we connect and interact with the digital world. With […]

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Best Spot to Place Wi-Fi Router
How To Position Your Wi-Fi Router For Optimal Performance?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Did you know that the positioning of your Wi-Fi router plays a vital role in achieving optimal performance and signal strength? Poor placement can result in slow internet speeds and weak signals, while proper positioning can enhance your Wi-Fi experience. The impact of router positioning […]

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Home Mesh Router and Entertainment
Streamlined Living: How Home Mesh Routers Simplify Your Entertainment Experience

Reading Time: 5 minutes Gone are the days of battling outdated Wi-Fi technology and patchy connections hindering our binge-watching sessions or online gaming adventures. With their ingenious design and intelligent functionality, Home Mesh Routers have emerged as the ultimate solution to our connectivity woes, enhancing the entertainment experience to […]

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Mesh Network in IOT
The Rise of the Internet of Things: Mesh Network as the Backbone of IoT

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized our world and is surging tremendously. But as the IoT continues to grow, the need for robust networks becomes critical. To cope with this advanced requirement, mesh networks entered as the backbone of IoT. This blog explores how […]

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Mesh Network – A Smart Solution for Smart Homes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most households these days have a ton of smart-tech and IoT devices connected to their network. From smartphones to streaming devices and more, at least one device is in use in as many as three different rooms at once. The rapidly growing number of devices […]

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Latest technologies connecting the world in a seamless manner
Mesh or EasyMesh: Further Your Reach With the Latest Tech

Reading Time: 2 minutes The introduction of Wi-Fi technology was nothing short of a revolution. If the internet opened the door to a world of endless possibilities, Wi-Fi provided the wings to explore this world, untethered. It has established itself as a ubiquitous part of our lives. From being […]

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