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Portfolio of IO by HFCL switches in a data center
The Growing Importance of Ethernet Switches in Industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Connectivity is the linchpin of today’s world, where seamless data connection cannot and must not be compromised. Regarding the IIoT, SoHo, mid-large enterprise, or telecom sector, a cobweb of speedy end user connections, seamless data transfer and catering services to remotest corner that could connect […]

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Baslambi Village Residents connecting to the Internet to carry our their day-to-day activities
Bridging Digital Divide in Baslambi Village

Reading Time: 4 minutes India is a diverse country, where the urban and rural sectors are heavily discerned by stark differences in amenities offered through the digital revolution. Moreover, here indeed, the broadband Internet is one of the most fundamental requirements to relish the digital benefits. India has the […]

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Remote Diagnosis to establish a digital healthcare ecosystem
Bringing Healthcare Closer to Rural India

Reading Time: 3 minutes The internet penetration rate in rural parts of India has grown 13 percent to 299 M internet users in 2020 This stat clearly states that how fast rural India is turning tech-savvy. Moreover, people are more willing to use the Internet to improve their lifestyle. […]

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