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HFCL’s Make In India Switches deployment across 1600+ branches of Bank of Baroda

Customer Profile

Bank of Baroda caters to a diverse customer base spanning various sectors and demographics within India. Its longstanding presence and reputation as a trusted public sector bank have attracted millions of customers, ranging from individual account holders to businesses of all sizes. With a wide array of comprehensive financial services, including loans, credit facilities, and digital banking solutions, it serves the needs of both urban and rural communities. The bank's extensive network of over 9,500 branches across India ensures accessibility, reaching customers in remote areas while also serving as a go-to choice for customers in bustling metropolitan regions. Bank of Baroda's focus on providing accessible, secure, and innovative financial solutions has earned it the trust and preference of millions across the country.

  • Vertical: Banking and Financial Services
  • Location: India
  • Type: Public Sector Bank
  • Size: 9,500 branches across India


Bank of Baroda had the challenge of complying with India's Make in India initiative: replacing foreign switches with Make in India alternatives without disrupting the network’s performance. This task was compounded by the absence of prior deployment of such switches. The primary goal was to ensure seamless business continuity during this transition while maintaining compliance standards. Additionally, integrating the new switches with their existing NAC posed another challenge. Bank officials were particularly concerned about whether Make in India OEM could fulfill the large switch order swiftly, given the known chipset crisis.


The integration of Make in India switches within Bank of Baroda's network marked a seamless transition, ensuring uninterrupted business operations without any downtime. This implementation strengthened the network's resilience, guaranteeing continuous connectivity and highly secure authorized access. The switches played a pivotal role in strengthening the bank's security protocols, ensuring the secure transmission of data and providing robust defense mechanisms against potential cyber threats. Moreover, the incorporation of a local security feature proved instrumental, enabling uninterrupted operations at the branch level, even in scenarios involving disconnects from the central system. This local security capability significantly contributed to maintaining operational integrity and safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances, ensuring the continued safety and reliability of the bank's operations.

Solution Deployed

We established a robust and reliable network infrastructure throughout the bank network by deploying advanced switch solutions.

24-Port L2 Managed Switches

24-Port L2 Managed Switches

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