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Smart homes are growing, and soon most homes will become connected online. Wireless networking is one of the most valuable modern technologies, enabling sharing photos, music files, documents, and access to smart devices while relishing home entertainment. Home automation is the ultimate union of technology, convenience, and security, and to maintain highly functional automated home requirements, an unbroken blanket of Wi-Fi is a must.


Connected Home

IO by HFCL ensures you access Wi-Fi connectivity to transact through mobile across the nook and corner of your abode. The technology serves rightly to every smart device that integrates with the Wi-Fi network around you. Our solutions are designed and developed to bring you loads of advantages, including convenience, mobility, and wireless transmission. Here’s how we at IO by HFCL are enabling Smart Home with IO Weave Home Mesh Router:

  • Concurrent data rate up to 3 Gbps; Supports 256 concurrent users per router
  • 5 dBi integrated omni-directional antenna optimized for maximum coverage and range
  • End-to-end network management via IO Weave mobile app
  • Parental control & flexible guest access control with device isolation
  • Plug & play functionality
  • Advanced security with WPA3

The IO Advantage

Smart home applications are integral to everyday life. Today, customers demand reliable Wi-Fi covering the entirety of their home and are less tolerant of dead zone. We at IO by HFCL ensure truly no limit to what you can automate, making your life safer and more convenient than ever before. Here’s how we are automating the Smart Home to make your life just a tad bit easier.

  • Home Mesh Router engineered to create a Mesh network providing a stable connectivity
  • Eliminate dead zones to provide uninterrupted internet coverage
  • One router designed for varied types of homes – Villa, Duplex, Split level, Condominiums
  • IO Weave Mobile app to manage the network

Complete Wi-Fi Solution for Education Sector Download the case study to know about our advanced Wi-Fi solution for one of the largest universities.

Freedom from dead Wi-Fi zones

Freedom from dead Wi-Fi zones

Seamless Video Streaming

Secure Network with Parental Controls

Remote Management with Plug-n-play

Hassle free hybrid learning

Zero touch EasyMesh

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