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Smart homes are growing, and soon most homes will be connected online. Wireless networking is one of the most valuable modern technologies, enabling sharing photos, music files, documents, and access to smart devices while relishing home entertainment. Home automation is the ultimate union of technology, convenience, and security, and to maintain highly functional automated home requirements, an unbroken blanket of Wi-Fi is a must.


The IO Advantage: A commitment to Connected Future

Are you ready for a super-fast, uninterrupted, highly reliable home Wi-Fi System that will provide you seamless connectivity in every nook & corner of your home? Be it parsing multiple floors, numerous rooms, or connecting countless smart devices over the network, IO by HFCL’ wide range of next-gen Wi-Fi products/ Mesh Wi-Fi system can do it all without any hassle.
In today’s connected world, Smart Home applications are integral to everyday life. From data intensive OTT streaming to IoT-enabled smart devices & cameras, customers demand reliable Wi-Fi network covering the entirety of their home and are less tolerant to faults.
We at IO, ensure no limit to what you can automate, making your life safer and more convenient than ever before. Our technology serves rightly to every smart device that integrates with the Wi-Fi network around you. Our solutions are designed and developed to bring you loads of advantages, including convenience, mobility, security & accessibility.

We are continuously innovating & developing products as per the latest Wi-Fi standards and very soon, we will be launching our most advanced Home Mesh Wi-Fi products.

Be sure to return to this space to experience the innovative solutions that we offer to turn your homes into smart homes.


Meanwhile, here is why our products are among the best-in-class Wi-Fi products for homes:

  • Gives carpet coverage that leaves no dead spots/zones
  • Allows to monitor the network from anywhere
  • Seamless network management, with zero-touch plug and play
  • Robust and ultra-secure
  • Highly scalable and adaptable wireless network

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