Connecting the Unconnected

  • >30% of rural India has broadband Internet access.
  • 3.06 lakh Wi-Fi hotspots for <1.3 Billion population
  • PM-WANI initiative of Indian Goverment is to bridge the
    digital divide by deploying millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country
A rural village in India
Baslambi Village

Baslambi Village

Farrukh Nagar Tehsil, Gurugram

Village area: 3.84 sq mtr
Population: 6,000
Poorly Connected to Internet
A New Era of Connectivity

IO by HFCL took the initiative and deployed India’s
1st Multi OEM PM-WANI Network

Innovative solutions for addressing
onground challenges

  • Power supply addressed with solar panels

    Erratic power supply addressed with solar panels to ensure 24 hours operation

  • Deployment of P2P & P2MP UBRs

    Distribution of broadband Internet accross the entire village made possible with the deployment of P2P & P2MP UBRs

  • IP67 rated Access Points & UBRs

    IP67 rated Access Points & UBRs to deliver undifferentiated performance even in harsh outdoor enviroments

2 GB data

cosumption/ day

200 GB data

cosumption/ day


unique users/ day


Access Points deployed to
cover the entire village

Powered By
  • Telehealth


    Doctors can now provide online consultation to villagers ensuring top quality patient care thus making healthcare accessible to all

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  • E-Learning


    Schools were able to continue imparting education despite a complete lockdown. Students were able to access online study material

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  • Business Growth

    Business growth

    With Internet connectivity local business establishments were able to reach and serve larger number of customers

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  • Smart agricultural assistance

    Information regarding there produce was now available to the farmers enabling them to take informed decisions

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Our alliance with TIP OPENWIFI has bolstered our
mission to Connect the Unconnected with
Affordable, Accessible, High-Speed
Broadband Internet

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