Presenting World's first Open-Source Wi-Fi 7 Access Point

Wi-Fi 7 Tri Radio - Outdoor Access Point with Integrated Antenna


IO Wi-Fi 7 Tri Radio 4x4:4 Outdoor Access Point with Integrated Antenna (8 dBi)

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IO Wi-Fi 7 Tri Radio 4x4:4 Outdoor Access Point with Integrated Antenna (8 dBi)


  • World’s First Open source Wi-Fi 7 Access Point
  • Concurrent Dual-Band Offering Data Rate up to 10.75 Gbps
  • Provides deployment flexibility through Multiple Variants
  • Supports 1024 QAM
  • Access to 2 simultaneous 160 MHz channels in the 5 GHz Band
  • Supports 1536 concurrent users
  • Enhanced security features such as WPA3 & WPA2 (Personal & Enterprise), Enhanced Open security support
  • Support for advanced features like non-Wi-Fi interference detection and avoidance, ATPC, coverage hole detection and correction
  • Wi-Fi Alliance certified for Wi-Fi 7, EasyMesh, Passpoint 3.0
  • FCC Class B, CE, RoHS 3.0 certified
  • Tested for Wind Sustainability up to 180 Kmph, IP67 rated
  • BLE Support


IO Wi-Fi 7 Tri Radio 4x4:4 Outdoor Access Point with Integrated Antenna (8 dBi)
IO Wi-Fi 7 Tri Radio 4x4:4 Outdoor Access Point with Integrated Antenna (14 dBi)
IO Wi-Fi 7 Tri Radio 4x4:4 Outdoor Access Point with Integrated Antenna (9 dBi)

Tri radio offering peak data rate of up to 10.75 Gbps

The concurrent Tri radio inside ion12x offers a combined peak data rate of 10.75 Gbps with up to 9600 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and 1150 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. Technologies like Multi Link operation, Coordinated MU-MIMO, transmit beamforming and enhanced receiver sensitivity allow the ion12x to support a higher client density of up to 1536 simultaneous clients resulting in seamless performance and enhanced user experience


Coordinated Bi-Directional Multi User-Multi Input Multi Output (MU-MIMO)

The Access Point offers Coordinated MU-MIMO and OFDMA for transmission that is more efficient to multiple clients. Coordinated scheduling between multiple APs simultaneously in Wi-Fi 7 will optimize channel selection and adjust loads between APs to achieve efficient utilization and balanced allocation of radio resources. This is especially suited for environments with numerous varied devices, with each supporting latest or legacy Wi-Fi standards


Multi-Link Operation (MLO)

Multi-Link Operation (MLO) technology allows the ion12x to simultaneously send and receive data over multiple radio bands to create a single aggregated connection. This will not only provide faster throughput performance but will also help reduce latency and allow data to flow unimpeded by network traffic or interference and improve reliability for emerging applications like XR/MR, online gaming, Simultaneous Video calls, remote offices, and cloud computing.


Preamble Puncturing and Multiple Resource Unit (Multi-RU) operation

Preamble Puncturing improves spectral efficiency by allowing Access Points (AP) to transmit a “punctured” portion of the spectrum channel if some of the channel is being used by legacy users. Moreover, Wi-Fi 7 allows multiple RUs to be assigned to a single user and can combine RUs for increased transmission and spectral efficiency, making it ideal for enterprise space as they continue their digital transformations, adding AR/VR, IoT and IIoT applications to their workflows.


Traffic Share and application aware

The ion12x includes an integrated layer 7-packet inspection, classification, and control engine, enabling the configuration of QoS policies based on traffic type, helping to prioritize mission-critical applications while setting limits on recreational traffic like peer-to-peer, gaming and video streaming. Policies can be implemented per network, per SSID, per user group, or per individual user for maximum flexibility and control.


Better Mesh Networking

Eliminating the need for expensive cabling, Access Points automatically form a wireless mesh, and provide connectivity in every possible corner. With self-healing and self-optimization functionality, in case of a mesh node failure, the surrounding nodes automatically re-connect and resume service without downtime. Support for EasyMesh means that ion12x is interoperable with third party Access Points and/or Routers and can quickly be deployed as standalone or converged with the existing network. This eliminates the need for locking-in with a single vendor, driving down the total cost of ownership of the network


Centralized control

Centralized management of the entire network on our highly intuitive, flexible, and scalable Cloud Network Management Software. It provides the flexibility to distribute the network, allocate varying bandwidths, manage, track, troubleshoot, configure, communicate, and enforce policies on all Access Points in the network. The controller has in-built analytics and reporting capabilities to gain insight into usage patterns.


Rugged enclosure for enhanced protection

The Access Points come with a rugged UV protected PC Top and a metal Bottom body and IP67 rating that provide years of durability without hampering the enclosure. Our Access Points are designed to withstand wind load of up to 180km/hr and extreme weather elements and harsh environmental conditions without compromising on the performance.



  • High-Density Outdoor Environments requiring low latency
  • Autonomous & connected cars
  • XR/ MR applications
  • Large Enterprises
  • Shopping Malls
  • Outdoor Stadiums

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