4-Port L2 Managed Switch

IO 4-Port non-PoE L2 Managed Switch with 2x1G SFP Uplink ports and Universal Power supply


  • Fully Managed L2 Switch
  • All Gigabit Ethernet Ports in a fixed 1U configuration
  • Four 1G Access ports with PoE and Non-PoE Options
  • 2/4 1G Uplink Ports that allow termination of both fiber and copper simultaneously
  • Multiple Power Supply options (Single, Redundant, Universal (AC+DC)) to choose from
  • Up to 16 Gbps Switching capacity and up to 8 Gbps of Full-Duplex Throughput
  • PoE Variants Suitable in an enterprise/telco/campus environment to connect end PoE clients like Wi-Fi AP, CCTV, P2P, P2MP, IoT, etc.
  • Non-PoE Variants Suitable to connect Small Cells / BTS, P2P/P2MP, etc. in telco environment and Desktops/Servers, IP-Phone, etc. in an Enterprise/ Campus environment

HSP 4-Port L2 Managed Switch Variants

  • Model: HSP-IO-4GE2S-C2U
    IO 4-Port non-PoE L2 Managed Switch with 2x1G SFP Uplink ports and Universal Power supplyresources-download Download Datasheet
  • Model: HSP-IO-4GE2S-C2A
    HFCL 4-Port Non-PoE L2 Managed Switch with 2x1G SFP Uplinks and Single AC Power Supplyresources-download Download Datasheet
  • Model: HSP-IO-4GE2S-CPD
    IO 4-Port PoE+ L2 Managed Switch with 2x1 SFP and 2x1G RJ45 Uplink ports and Dual DC Power supplyresources-download Download Datasheet

Switch Ports

  • 4x10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Access Ports
  • 2x10/100/1000 Base-T + 2x1G SFP Gigabit Uplink Ports (PoE Variants).
    2x1G SFP Uplink Ports (Non-PoE Variants).
  • One Serial Console Port
  • Link / Speed / PoE LED Status on All ports
  • Comply with Energy Efficient Ethernet Standards (802.3az).


Switching / Forwarding Capacity

  • PoE+ Variants: 16 Gbps, Non-PoE Variants: 12 Gbps
  • PoE+ Variants: 11.9 MPPS, Non-PoE Variants: 8.93 MPPS


PoE Capabilities

  • Each access port comply with 802.3af/802.3at with Max power output of 30W per port
  • Provides PoE Budget of up to 120W
  • Smart PoE Capabilities like dynamic and static allocation of power to end host, PoE Port priority, and PoE Traffic Monitor


Power Supply Options

  • The Universal Supply with option of either connecting to an AC or DC input (100V to 240V AC, -36V to 57V DC).
  • Single Supply option: Only AC or DC input
  • Redundant DC supplies


Rich L2 Features

  • Support up to 4K VLANs and 16K MAC Table
  • L2 Loop Avoidance – RSTP, MSTP, ERPS
  • Multicast - IGMP v1/v2/v3, IGMP filtering, IGMP proxy
  • LACP based LAG and Static LAG with Traffic load share and active-standby policies
  • Static Routing and Inter-VLAN Routing, Dual-Stack and IPv6 Compliant
  • 802.1q and QinQ (Port-based and Selective), MVRP
  • QoS – Up to eight priority queues, Rate Limiting/Policing, CIR/EIR, Shaping (SPQ / WRR/ WFQ), Multi-Field Classification, and Remarking


Security Features

  • L2/L3/L4 ACL
  • 802.1X Port Security
  • DHCP snooping, ARP Inspection, IPv6 ND Inspection
  • MAC-IP Anti-spoofing
  • Inherent DoS Attack Prevention


Industry Standard Management with Automation

  • CLI and GUI options
  • Dual-Stack (IPv4 and IPv6) Management
  • Telnet, SSHv2 and SNMP v1/v2/v3 support
  • NTP for time synchronization, FTP/TFTP/SCP/SFTP for file transfer
  • DHCP Client & Relay
  • Built-in Event Policy / Scheduler Framework for Automation
  • Zero Touch Provisioning


Other Design Parameters

  • Operating Temperature - 0°C to 55°C
  • Passive Cooling with Fanless Design
  • 1U fixed configuration



  • Campus Networking
  • Smart City
  • Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Radio Aggregation (Telecom network)

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