Industrial Access Switches

Rugged switches designed to handle extreme environment conditions and provide industrial-grade reliability, security and easy management


Unmatched Network Performance, Security, and Scalability for Enterprise and Telco Applications

A comprehensive portfolio of switching solutions optimized to deliver a secure, reliable network for enterprise and telco applications.


PoE Budget Flexibility with Smart PoE


Secure Operating System


Rugged Design & Temperature Hardened

HSP-IO-8GE2S-I2PDH 8 Port, PoE, L2 Managed Industrial Switch


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The industrial variant supports both Wall and DIN Rail Mount.

By default, switch comes with default management IP, which can be used for first time login to switch via any of the access Ethernet ports.

ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) is a method by which HFCL switches can be configured with the required configuration without any user intervention. ZTP allows the switches to be installed directly into the environment after power on. There are 2 modes available that can be used in ZTP.

·         Auto Config in Boot Phase: In this mode, the switch look for DHCP server in boot phase. Once IP is assigned, switch then starts Ftp’ing the start-up configuration file from DHCP server using BootP and applies the configuration before coming to prompt.

·         Auto Config after Boot Phase: In this mode, the DHCP client starts only after the switch has booted successfully. The DHCP client looks for the DHCP server for IP assignment and then a startup configuration file can be pushed manually from central server for auto configuration.

Dynamic and static power allocation modes on port: There are two ways to allocate the power to PDs:

·         Dynamic: Port power allocation is dynamic, based on class of powered device.

·         Static: Port power allocation is static, based on maximum power configured.

PoE Port Priority:

Power over Ethernet port priority. Ports are grouped according to 'critical’, ‘high', and 'low' priorities. Ports at 'low' priority, which are delivering power, will be turned off to free power budget for 'critical' or 'high' priority non-delivering power port that is requesting power for start-up. Ports at 'high' priority, which are delivering power, will be turned off to free power budget for 'critical' priority non-delivering power port that is requesting power for start-up. Ports which are delivering power and at the same priority as non-delivering power port will not be turned off to free power budget. The lower priority ports, which are delivering power, will not be turned off if their power is insufficient to power-on the higher priority ports.

PoE Traffic Monitor

PoE traffic monitoring functionality is to monitor the real-time network traffic by each PoE enabled port. Maximum traffic rate in Kbps that is expected on the PoE port that is powered on. When the rate is above the specified value, an alarm will be raised.

Perpetual PoE:

With perpetual PoE, The Switch can supply uninterrupted power to the connected devices even if the switch is undergoing reboot.

There is a RST button on the front panel, which upon pressing wipes out the existing configuration and resets the switch to factory default. The reset can also be done in software using the CLI command. Please refer HSP Configuration guide for more details.

Yes, all access ports in PoE variants are PoE+ capable. PoE Budget in Industrial variant is 240W.

All third party SFP, which is MSA compliant can be used with any of the HFCL switches. All types i.e. Multi-Mode, Single-Mode, Bi-Di, Copper SFPs supported on SFP Ports.


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