Mesh Network – A Smart Solution for Smart Homes

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Most households these days have a ton of smart-tech and IoT devices connected to their network. From smartphones to streaming devices and more, at least one device is in use in as many as three different rooms at once. The rapidly growing number of devices using the internet is making the traditional ‘one router per home’ model creak under strain. A strong and reliable network, which was deemed a luxury in the past, has now become a necessity for these demanding smart tech needs, creating the need gap for this revolutionary technology called Mesh.

So what is a Mesh Network

Mesh networks are possibly the best available solution to connect multiple devices within a reasonably large space while ensuring equal speeds and access for all. While regular routers provide hotspots and Access Points, a mesh network distributes its signals to several “nodes”. A “Node” is nothing but a medium through which the internet signal spreads through a larger area.

Only one Node needs to be connected to the router for it to connect to the other nodes spread over your property. The nodes would then connect to as many devices as needed without any patchiness or dead zones. There is actually no limit to the distance over which a connection can spread. Be it a home or a large office spread across several floors; a mesh network can effortlessly cover areas that even top of the line traditional routers can only dream of.

To take the optimum advantage of your internet, the built-in smart sensors of the home mesh networks automatically detect and reroute data along the fastest path. Instead of moving linearly, the data traverses as per the usage density of the nodes. If the usage density of a particular node increases, the intelligent sensors will skip that node to reduce its load and optimise the data transfer speeds and reach of other nodes. Similarly, in an unlikely case of the failure of one of the nodes, the sensors will skip that node and continue to operate in an undisturbed way.

Apart from vastly improved coverage, Mesh networks are also more reliable for properties with larger area. If you’re moving around with handheld devices like smartphones or tablets, your device would automatically connect to the closest node instead of searching for central access. As such, you’d experience minimum drops in connectivity irrespective of where you’re on your property.

Moreover, most Mesh Networks come with mobile apps that let users keep a watch on network traffic and easily perform otherwise tricky tasks like running diagnostics, performing updates and reboots, adding and removing users from the network or completely turning off the Internet.

Now that you know how the mesh network works, the question you need to ask your home is whether it needs one? By your home, we mean all those smart home devices that require a fast, uncompromised network to function.  

As a smart homeowner, who has already invested a significant sum of money buying brains for the crib, a mesh network is definitely a smart choice. Here are some Mesh and EasyMesh products that will help you upgrade your smart home experience.

An intelligent investment!

The fact is that most households already have a plethora of Wi-Fi dependent devices connected to the home network, from smartphones, home automation devices, and a lot more. Don’t let your patchy internet connection come in the way of a seamless experience. Optimise your smart device user experience with a mesh network. Explore our home Wi-Fi solutions now.

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