Secure and reliable digital healthcare ecosystem

Optimal Patient Care Experience

A secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection is critical for the modern healthcare experience from a private clinic to a hospital. Indeed, the lifeblood of modern healthcare is based on reliable and secure connectivity for all users, devices, and critical medical applications. For the healthcare sector, a robust and reliable Wi-Fi installation is much beyond convenience, as it provides a scalable framework for the delivery of vital services. Next-Gen connectivity channelizes an agile network that can support consumer-centric healthcare ecosystems.


Experience Value-Based Healthcare Delivery

With advanced Wi-Fi solutions from IO by HFCL, the healthcare sector delivers the connectivity required for staff, patients, and medical equipment. Also, the centralized management makes it easy to provision, install and monitor connectivity in multiple facilities, helping to improve the quality of care while reducing maintenance costs.

  • Product range consisting of Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (Additional Wi-Fi 5 Access point product range is also available)
  • Up to 1024 concurrent clients per Access Point
  • Dual-band Radios with Integrated Omni-directional Antennas for blanket coverage with no dead zones
  • Self-Healing and Self-Optimising Easy Mesh for optimal network uptime
  • Highly Intuitive Cloud Management System for full-fledged control over network configuration and optimization
  • Fast and Secure Roaming without facing the brunt of connectivity loss while moving from one network area to another
  • Target Wakeup Time (TWT) enables battery life optimization of connected devices
  • QoS-Quality of Service ensures impeccable connectivity performance even for highly time-sensitive applications
  • WPA3 Authentication for incredible security and privacy

The IO Advantage

From remote healthcare to emergency healthcare situations, hospitals are increasingly looking for robust Wi-Fi connectivity. There is a surge of seamless connectivity coverage, capacity, and efficiency without sacrificing core competencies like interoperability, security, and ease of use. We at IO provide the connectivity that healthcare workers require to enhance safety and efficiency at another level. Our products are designed and developed to efficiently handle dense environments with hundreds or thousands of devices requiring connectivity simultaneously. Here’s how we are enabling hospitals to offer a better quality of care to their patients.

  • Robust and ultra-secure network architecture
  • Low latency, scalable and adaptable wireless network
  • Access Points engineered to handle thousands of concurrently connected devices with varying bandwidth requirements
  • Ease of management of the entire network with minimal resources
  • Flexible network solution to adapt to network requirements that can swiftly oscillate between mild to extreme

Class-Leading Tech for Hassle-Free Operations

EasyMesh Certified
EasyMesh Certified

For inter-operability functionality and uninterrupted operations.

TWT (Target Wake Time)
TWT (Target Wake Time)

Saves battery life of smartphones, IoT, and other devices.


Reduced overhead, latency and enhanced throughput in high-density environments.

External Antenna
External Antenna

High gain Omni-directional antennas to remove dead spots and extend coverage.

Dual-band Radios
Dual-band Radios

Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM frequency bands for operation-specific intelligent RF network segregation.

WPA3 Security
WPA3 Security

Unmatched data encryption to deliver unparalleled security and privacy.

Cloud Management
Cloud Management

Single view dashboard for managing the entire network spread across multiple locations.

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