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One of the critical foundations of a successful hospitality business is providing the guests with a hassle-free experience on all fronts. Over the past few years, the need to stay connected has made a place for itself among other indispensable needs of the hospitality sector. Setting up an optimized wireless network architecture consisting of robust coverage and capacity enables the industry to operate smoothly while offering its guests an unforgettable experience. When guests can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi access seamlessly across multiple areas, it provides customer satisfaction and a pleasant onboarding experience.



Empowering growth by offering seamless experiences

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A Valuable Addition to The Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector, like any other, has grown leaps and bounds over the past decade. Naturally, the expectations of the patrons have raised accordingly.

  • WPA3 Authentication for outstanding security and privacy
  • Integrated Advanced AI-based Analytics to monitor and improve user experience
  • Location-based Services to gather detailed real-time insights
  • Seamless roaming powered by widespread coverage and impeccable signal strength
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure to manage and configure networks remotely
  • AAA and Captive Portal integration for customized branding and user on-boarding
  • Sleek Design enhancing the overall aesthetics of the hotel
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The IO Advantage

Apart from providing a delightful guest experience, IO by HFCL’ robust network assembly also aids the smooth functioning of the hospitality establishment. Our carrier-grade access points and ethernet switches facilitate seamless concurrent functioning.

Our products offer a wide range of applications:

  • Segmented high-speed internet access
  • Hotel Administration
  • IoT devices of all kinds
  • All points of sales
  • Retail outlets within hotel premises
  • Digital Signage
Smooth Guest Onboarding

Smooth Guest Onboarding

Delightful Guest Experience

Captive Portal

Improved Ambiance with Digital Signage

Optimized Wireless Network Architecture

Efficient Network Segmentation

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