Public Hotspots

Providing secure Public wireless connectivity

Enabling High-Quality Connectivity in Public Places

With an unprecedented growth in the number of wireless users, well-equipped applications, and data consumption, constant Internet connectivity has become an indelible part of our daily lives. Users look forward to staying connected to the rest of the world without burning through their mobile data. With Public hotspot, businesses can run their operations while engaging users with seamless connectivity. IO by HFCL ensures to bridge the digital divide while improving connection speeds, congestion reduction, interoperability within network connectivity, and reduced data usage costs.


Easy Deployment for City-Wide Connection

Wi-Fi technology is widely adopted and plays a major role in increasing people’s quality of life. Public hotspot brings a plethora of opportunities, connecting smart cities while offering secure roaming. Connectivity is a foundational layer to smart cities, both for Internet access and new digital services. Public hotspot will hence majorly improve city image, resident satisfaction and, spur economic development.

  • Easy accessibility with public wireless networks to access the Internet outside the usual work environment.
  • Enables users to stay productive while moving from one place to another and deliver hassle-free.
  • Deploy as a single or converged network infrastructure supporting both end-user needs, operational needs, including building and energy management, asset tracking & physical security.
  • Controls situations in case of emergencies.
  • Ensures a larger Wi-Fi footprint
  • Available at important commercial places such as airports, malls, cafes, railways, and other similar zones to promote mobility among customers.

The IO Advantage

There is a crucial need of delivery of stable and high speed Broadband Internet services to an increasingly large number of subscribers including areas which do not have 4G mobile coverage. This is largely being facilitated by projects like PM-WANI in India with the objective of ease of doing business. Seamless connectivity brings ease at public places such as airports, malls, cafes, railways, and other similar zones. Businesses need to ensure the connection offered is fast, reliable, and secure. IO by HFCL delivers consistent connectivity for video streaming, downloading/ uploading data while stay connected to relish a reliable experience.

  • Seamless extension of Internet coverage for data roaming along with high throughput and excellent connectivity
  • Supports Hotspot 2.0 functionality to simplify roaming operations
  • Robust and ultra-secure network architecture
  • Low latency, scalable and adaptable wireless network
  • Access Points engineered to handle thousands of concurrently connected devices with varying bandwidth requirements
  • Ease of management of the entire network with minimal resources
  • Flexible network solution to adapt to network requirements that can swiftly oscillate between mild to extreme
  • Access Points are interoperable and can quickly be deployed as standalone or converged with the existing network

Class-Leading Tech for Hassle-Free Operations

EasyMesh Certified
EasyMesh Certified

For inter-operability functionality and uninterrupted operations

TWT (Target Wake Time)
TWT (Target Wake Time)

Saves battery life of smartphones, IoT, and other devices.


Reduced overhead, latency and enhanced throughput in high-density environments.

External Antenna
External Antenna

High gain Omni-directional antennas to remove dead spots and extend coverage.

Dual-band Radios
Dual-band Radios

Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM frequency bands for operation-specific intelligent RF network segregation

WPA3 Security
WPA3 Security

Unmatched data encryption to deliver unparalleled security and privacy

Cloud Management
Cloud Management

Single view dashboard for managing the entire network spread across multiple locations.

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