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Missing out on even just a few seconds of connectivity can have massive consequences in the world we live in today. With innumerable users congesting the network traffic, providing a high-speed connection to every user is a big challenge for network providers. To jump over this congestion barrier, network providers rely on data offloading. It diverts traffic from a cellular network to a Wi-Fi network to ensure sustained network speeds keeping operator authentication and other security intact. And this seamless switch is facilitated by IO by HFCL. We have developed cutting-edge, carrier-grade network solutions which can give much needed flexibility to the carriers to add bandwidth and capacity in areas where it is most needed. We have collaborated with them to mitigate their cellular network congestion issues, reducing operational costs and maximizing profits.



Decongest overloaded networks for enhanced network experience

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Easily Managed and Controlled Vendor-Agnostic Solutions

With IO by HFCL, you don’t just beat the stress that accompanies an overloaded cellular network, but you also get a cost-efficient and built-to-last solution. Our solutions are reliable, scalable and flexible, which lets you grow boundlessly.

  • Hotspot 2.0 also known as Passpoint improves access to the Wi-Fi network. This functionality enables users to connect to the available Wi-Fi Access Point within range, automatically and seamlessly. It eliminates the need to find the correct SSID, enter password or payment details. With Hotspot 2.0, carriers on their billing platform can carry out authentication and billing with ease. Seamlessly addresses challenges of billing, security, accounting, and integration
  • Fast & Secure roaming & handover (802.11r) enables clients' devices to roam securely from one AP to another without any perceptible delay. It also removes the clutter of handshaking overhead while roaming, leading to reduced hand-off time between APs while offering incredible security and service
  • Easy Access Point Integration with 3G/4G/5G core networks to create a seamless roaming network. Integration with HLR/HSS via MAP gateway over SS7/SIGTRAN with operator's existing mobile core
  • Simultaneous Client Servicing; Radio Frequency Environment Monitoring & Communications Protocols Support
  • Mobile Phone Authentication Systems for EAP authentication protocols support and SIM authentication
  • Optimize performance and efficiency remotely with our Cloud Network Management System
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What Sets us Apart

IO by HFCL ensures cost-efficient operations and customer satisfaction in the world of ever-growing data needs. We do this by reducing the stress on cellular RF infrastructure with our class-leading solutions.

  • Simplifying roaming operations with Hotspot 2.0
  • Enhancing subscribers, guest, and visitor convenience for authentication and billing operations
  • Encouraging roaming-driven revenue generation
  • Enabling users to seamlessly connect to nearby available Wi-Fi Access Points within range without the need to find the correct SSID and enter password or payment details
  • WPA3 Security for ultra-secure and individualized encryption, block hackers and robust privacy on open Wi-Fi networks up to 256-bit AES encryption
  • 802.11r for fast and secure roaming from one Access Point to another without delay
  • Quality of Service (QoS) delivers incredible user experience by prioritizing high priority traffic such as real-time voice and video data in RF congested environments
Incredible User Experience

Incredible User Experience

Robust Privacy in Open Networks

Flexible and Scalable Network Solution

Reduced Network Maintenance Cost

Seamless Offloading of Data

Optimum Spectrum Utilization

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