IO Wi-Fi 5 Dual Band 2x2:2 Indoor Access Point with Integrated Antenna (4 dBi)


  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ac Wave 2
  • 2X2 MU-MIMO with 2 spatial streams
  • 1.27 Gbps aggregate throughput
  • Max transmit power: 27 dBm for 2.4 GHz, 27 dBm for 5 GHz
  • Supports up to 256 QAM modulation
  • Three separate LEDs for power and radio status
  • Integrated Omnidirectional Antennas
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port with 802.3af support

High Performance

ion4i Access Points are built from the highest grade components and are optimized for a seamless user experience. It delivers high performance to cater to the cost-sensitive, medium density environments such as offices, schools, cafes, hotels.


RF Optimization

The Access Point automatically switches to the most optimized Wi-Fi channel by measuring parameters like channel utilization, signal strength, throughput, and interference.


Identity-Based Firewall

Automatically assigns firewall and traffic shaping rules, VLAN tags, and bandwidth limits to enforce the right policies for each class of users.


Enhanced User Experience

ion4i provides advanced location and indoor wayfinding, proximity-based push notification capabilities as well as enables businesses to leverage mobility context to develop applications that will deliver an enhanced user experience and increase the value of the wireless network for organizations


Passpoint 2.0

In addition to the IEEE standards, ion4i is also Wi-Fi Alliance certified for Passpoint 2.0. This improves the user experience by offering mobile data offloading and streamlined, enterprise-class device provisioning and credential management for enterprise and other private networks.


Data Protection

It is equipped with an array of business-class security features. The wireless Access Point gives your business full control over access rights with WPA2-Personal, WPA2-Enterprise, and Captive Portal Authentication. Rogue AP detection and prevention helps administrators identify authorized Access Points across the network, while MAC address filtering provides an additional layer of protection.


Mesh Certified

The entire Wi-Fi Network functions on 802.11s Mesh Technology thus eliminating the need for expensive cabling. Access Points automatically form a mesh and provide connectivity in every possible corner. With self-healing and self-optimization functionality, in case of a mesh node failure, the surrounding nodes automatically re-connect and resume service without downtime. Nodes identify the best next-hop and connect with it automatically.


Cloud Managed Network

Gain visibility into the network users, their devices, and their usage patterns. Armed with rich analytics, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security. Powerful and intuitive multi-site management via the cloud, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.



  • Medium-density retail stores / Pop Stores
  • Branch offices
  • Restaurants and SOHO
  • Small to Medium Enterprises and ISPs
  • Small classrooms
  • Low foot traffic areas
  • Low to medium density Indoor hotspot environments

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