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Unlock your Broadband with IO Weave Home Mesh Network


In the modern, interconnected world, home broadband experiences often fall short of expectations, largely due to traditional connectivity methods being ill-equipped to handle various digital use cases within a household. HFCL's io Weave Home Mesh Router (HMR) presents a solution, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and adaptable network parameters to create a seamless, frictionless connected experience that meets the diverse needs of modern households. It creates a seamless network that eradicates dead zones and ensures high-speed connectivity throughout the home. io Weave boasts cutting edge features including parental control and robust security, which makes it ideal for modern households with increasing demands for reliable and fast wireless connections.

Use cases

IO Weave primarily focuses on addressing the modern challenges of home broadband connectivity. Here are the highlighted use cases:

  • Work from Home
  • Entertainment and Media Consumption
  • Smart Home Devices and Security
  • Education and Home Classrooms for Children
  • “Creator-economy” Gigs
  • Guest Connectivity
  • Home Network Management
  • Remote Monitoring and Management


Introducing the IO Weave Home Mesh Router by HFCL, a breakthrough in home connectivity solutions.

IO Weave

Home Mesh Router

IO Wi-Fi 6 Dual Band 2x2:2 Home Mesh Router with Integrated Antenna (5 dBi)

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