Connecting Fans: SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium's Winning Strategy with Open Wi-Fi

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SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium, situated in Centurion, South Africa, is a cricketing gem known for its modernity and outstanding facilities. With a substantial seating capacity of 22,000, it serves as the proud home of the Titans Cricket Team, formerly known as Northern Transvaal. Since its inception in the 1986-87 season, the stadium has hosted 26 test matches, earning accolades from players worldwide. SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium has embraced cutting-edge wireless technology to revolutionize the fan experience and operational efficiency. As a result, it stands at the forefront of modern sports arenas, setting a benchmark for stadium connectivity and fan engagement.

  • Vertical: Sports
  • Location: Centurion, South Africa
  • Type: Cricket Stadium
  • Size: Substantial seating capacity of 22,000


SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium, a leading cricketing venue in Centurion, South Africa, faced a crucial challenge in elevating the spectator experience and unlocking new business opportunities. Spectators expected a robust sports stadium network for live updates, social sharing and enhanced engagement during matches. The increasing importance of data in sports and the desire to leverage customer insights for targeted marketing, real-time patron engagement, and lasting connections necessitated the deployment of OpenWi-Fi solutions.


Wi-Fi 6 implementation at SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium has transformed the spectator experience. With seamless stadium WiFi connectivity for 22,000 attendees and improved performance in crowded areas through Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor Access Points, the stadium now sets a connectivity benchmark. OpenWiFi not only delivers valuable customer insights but also positions SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium at the forefront of modern sports arenas. Advanced analytics ensure operational efficiency and spectator safety insights.

Solution Deployed

We ensured a reliable and secure network at SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium by implementing cutting-edge Access Solution.

ion4xe Wi-Fi 6

ion4xe Wi-Fi 6 (2x2)

MU-MIMO high-capacity outdoor Access Points

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