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Enhancing Operational Efficiency with HFCL's Access Solutions

Customer Profile

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is a pivotal institution in the economic and social development of rural India. Established as the apex body for rural and cooperative banks in the country, NABARD is entrusted with critical tasks related to credit disbursements for agriculture and rural economic activities. With a focus on sustainable agricultural practices, NABARD promotes financial inclusion and plays a crucial role in fostering rural development and financial literacy. Collaborating with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), NABARD actively participates in initiatives like DiCRA (Data in Climate Resilient Agriculture) to support smallholder farmers and drive innovations in agriculture.

  • Vertical: Rural Finance
  • Location: India
  • Type: Apex Institution for Rural and Cooperative Banks
  • Size: Influential Player in Rural Banking
  • Annual Financing: Rs 158,905 crore for short-term and Rs 107,015 crore for long-term financing in 2022-23


NABARD faced several challenges with its legacy network, resulting in connectivity issues, low bandwidth, and frequent disruptions. These challenges hindered employee mobility and operational efficiency, impacting the organization's ability to effectively serve its mission. Additionally, NABARD's digital initiatives, critical to its mission, faced obstacles due to the inadequate network, affecting customer experiences and hindering progress in digital transformation.


The network upgrades at NABARD have yielded impressive results. Network usage has surged, and daily data consumption has reached new highs. Employee productivity has doubled, and participation in training programs has increased. The network's improved efficiency has reduced downtime threefold, resulting in a tenfold increase in digital transactions and a fivefold reduction in overhead costs. These enhancements have boosted overall productivity and led to significant cost savings. Additionally, the Wi-Fi solution has tripled digital transactions, facilitated real-time decision-making, and improved customer service response times, leading to higher customer satisfaction and positive feedback from visitors at NABARD's head office.

Solution Deployed

To ensure reliable and secure connectivity for NABARD, we implemented an advanced network solution that seamlessly integrates Indoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, Managed Switches, a new Firewall in integration with the pre-existing Firewall system and two distinct SSIDs in which one was EAP-based SSID and another was Open SSID.

ion4xi Wi-Fi 6

ion4xi Wi-Fi 6 (2x2)

MU-MIMO high-capacity indoor Access Points

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24-Port L2 Managed Switches

24-Port L2 Managed Switches

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