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Delhi Free WiFi: Connecting Urban India with Last Mile Connectivity

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Delhi Free WiFi initiative, launched in December 2019, is a significant project aimed at transforming connectivity for over 26.50 million residents and visitors in Delhi. With the objective of installing WiFi hotspots across the city, it was one of the largest Free WiFi projects across the world. This strategic move by the Government of NCT of Delhi addresses the growing need for accessible and affordable internet services, ensuring digital inclusion across the city. By collaborating with HFCL and a prominent system integrator, the government has strategically installed WiFi hotspots in public spaces, government offices, schools, markets, and bus stops. This extensive network aims to bridge the digital divide, providing free internet services and significantly enhancing connectivity for citizens.

  • Vertical: Public WiFi
  • Location: Delhi
  • Type: Free WiFi Connectivity
  • Size: 26.50 Million Residents and Visitors


Recognizing the increasing reliance on digital platforms, the State Government aimed to create Public WiFi hotspots, prioritizing free, secure, and stable connectivity for residents and visitors in Delhi. The key challenge was designing and implementing an advanced network infrastructure capable of meeting the extensive demand for high-quality WiFi in the city's dense urban landscape.


The project witnessed a significant surge in data consumption, reaching 10,000 GB during off-peak hours and averaging 20–25K GB per day. This exponential rise in data usage underscored the success of the project in meeting the community's connectivity needs. Each hotspot within the network infrastructure supported up to 200 concurrent users, enhancing accessibility for residents and visitors alike. Moreover, the project significantly improved the user experience, offering an average high speed internet accessibility of up to 200 Mbps, ensuring a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

Solution Deployed

We established a dependable and secure access network across Delhi through the implementation of cutting-edge Wi-Fi Access solutions.

ion4 Wi-Fi 5 2x2

High capacity outdoor Access Points

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