Rural Connectivity

Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural India with High-Speed, Secure Wi-Fi Access

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In the fabric of India's digital landscape, the villages of Baslambi in Haryana and Baidebettu in Karnataka serve as poignant illustrations of the challenges endured by remote communities amidst a lack of internet infrastructure and reliable connectivity. These regions, previously digitally isolated, witnessed the dawn of a transformation with the proactive intervention of IO by HFCL. The pioneering deployment of India's maiden PM-WANI network in Baslambi during March 2021 covered an expanse of 3.84 square meters, aimed at providing high-speed Wi-Fi Internet to 6,000 residents. Expanding on this success, a replication of this initiative unfolded in Baidebettu by June 2021, transforming the digital terrain for thousands of previously disconnected inhabitants. These ventures not only connected residents to essential digital services but also ignited inspiration among other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and solution providers, fostering collaboration and innovation. By addressing the critical challenges of affordability and accessibility in rural connectivity, these initiatives underscore the potential of technology to empower and uplift remote communities.

  • Vertical: Rural Connectivity
  • Location: Baslambi (Haryana) and Baidebettu (Karnataka)
  • Type: Rural Communities Facing Digital Divide
  • Size: Approximately 6,000 residents in Baslambi; several thousand in Baidebettu


The rural areas of Baslambi and Baidebettu posed considerable obstacles, marked by insufficient infrastructure, inconsistent power availability, and restricted digital access. These communities grappled with a scarcity of vital resources like healthcare, education, and economic prospects due to their limited connectivity. The geographical isolation of these regions intensified these difficulties, emphasizing the pressing necessity to address the digital gap.


In just five months, Baslambi and Baidebettu villages have witnessed an incredible surge in data usage, soaring from 2GB to over 200GB per day. Adopting broadband services, these villages now accommodate over 1200 daily users enjoying speeds of up to 500 Mbps. This remarkable leap has transformed these once digitally isolated areas, granting seamless access to vital services such as telemedicine, education, banking, and government facilities. No longer needing to travel to cities for internet access, locals are exploring entrepreneurial opportunities while reducing their carbon footprint. Notably, high-speed internet has revolutionized healthcare via telemedicine and expanded entertainment choices with platforms like Netflix and YouTube, significantly enhancing the quality of life in these villages.

Solution Deployed

We established a secure and resilient network connection at Baslambi and Baidebettu villages through the adoption of an advanced access network solution consisting of Unlicensed Band Radios (UBRs) and Access Points.

ion4e Wi-Fi 5

ion4e Wi-Fi 5 (2x2)

High capacity outdoor Access Points

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ion4ln & ion4l1_BTS

ion4ln & ion4l1_BTS

IO 5 GHz 700 Mbps UBR with Integrated Antenna

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