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Create your EasyMesh

  • Scalable & flexible network that matches your needs
  • Mix & match any EasyMesh certified Access Point / Router to create your own home network

No Dead Zones

  • Blanket coverage across entire house
  • Seamless roaming across floors and rooms without any coverage breaks

Secure Home

  • Create a separate network for your guests
  • Choose what when and how you want your children
    to consume content via parental control
  • Stay protected with the latest WPA3 security
  • Control which devices has access to the internet

Home Network Management

  • Manage your network with IO mobile APP
  • Plug and play with ease
  • Central control with our cloud management solution


  • Entire Network Management via IO Weave Mobile App
  • Parental Control & Flexible Guest Access Control with device isolation
  • Plug & Play functionality & Auto Firmware upgrade
  • Concurrent Dual-Band Offering Data Rate up to 3 Gbps
  • 5 dBi Integrated Omnidirectional antenna optimized for maximum coverage and range
  • Supports 256 concurrent users per router
  • Enhanced security features such as WPA3 security support
  • Support for 160 MHz Channels in the 5GHz Band
  • Wi-Fi certified Wi-Fi 6, EasyMesh, & Passpoint 3.0
  • Mix & match EasyMesh certified Access Point/ Router to create your own Home network

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