Wireless Technology for The Defence Sector

Communication is essential for military operations but, at the same time, is a difficult, time-consuming task. Network deployment thus plays a crucial role in the defence sector and is addressed by IO by HFCL in the most efficient manner through its industry-leading, field-tested Wi-Fi solutions that offer secure, reliable broadband connectivity for defence personnel to access data applications across national defence networks in mission-critical applications.



Deploying secure connectivity for defence operations


Efficient Wi-Fi Connectivity for The Defence Sector

The defence world requires information to be communicated wirelessly, from sensors to warfighters. IO by HFCL offer indoor, outdoor, compact, and IP67 rated Wi-Fi solutions that help detect video feeds from drones targeting radars and mobile phone intercepts.

  • Enhanced Network deployment speed
  • Secure, reliable, and consistent connectivity in military networks
  • Seamless connectivity for improved troop agility and battlefield situations
  • Real-time situational awareness, threat detection, and signal intelligence
  • Rapid deployment of wireless solutions to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Secured data transmission
  • Deployment of backhaul equipment i.e., UBRs (1+1) for redundancy
  • Designed to fit rugged/remote terrain to face extreme climate/weather conditions

The IO Advantage

The defence communication systems require higher frequencies, larger bandwidths, and greater sensitivity to support uninterrupted connectivity under any circumstance. At IO, we ensure to offer critical Wi-Fi infrastructures that support GPS-delivered positions, navigation, and timing for daily operations. Our Wi-Fi solutions are designed and developed matching the Defence ecosystem to provide complete turnkey spectrum monitoring and management solutions.

  • Integrated with security, transparency, and accountability
  • Low latency, scalable and adaptable wireless network
  • Access Points engineered to handle thousands of concurrently connected devices with varying bandwidth requirements
  • Ease of management of the entire network with minimal resources
  • Flexible network solution to adapt to network requirements that can swiftly oscillate between mild to extreme

Class-Leading Tech for Hassle-Free Operations

EasyMesh Certified
EasyMesh Certified

For inter-operability functionality and uninterrupted operations.

TWT (Target Wake Time)
TWT (Target Wake Time)

Saves battery life of smartphones, IoT, and other devices.


Reduced overhead, latency and enhanced throughput in high-density environments.

External Antenna
External Antenna

High gain Omni-directional antennas to remove dead spots and extend coverage.

Dual-band Radios
Dual-band Radios

Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM frequency bands for operation-specific intelligent RF network segregation.

WPA3 Security
WPA3 Security

Unmatched data encryption to deliver unparalleled security and privacy.

Cloud Management
Cloud Management

Single view dashboard for managing the entire network spread across multiple locations.

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