Building reliable, fast, and secure industrial Wi-Fi infrastructure

Automating Industry Networking

Wi-Fi holds the capacity, latency, reliability, and security required for many machine-to-machine applications in industrial environments. With the advent of advanced Wi-Fi solutions, industries can support the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in various harsh environments where Wi-Fi has historically been considered unsuitable. IO by HFCL empowers enterprises to attain automated, intelligent, highly secure IoT connectivity to a competitive edge.


Unlock New Ways to Review Quality of Products

In a global economy, competition intensifies, and surging customer expectations force every business to manage its data efficiently. IO by HFCL specializes in liberating all of the data in an industrial system. It enables enterprises to gather and analyze data that provides immediate, actionable insights, driving smarter business decisions.

  • Reliable connectivity lets businesses experience better efficiency
  • Integrated security provides 360-degree visibility and control to halt threats while simplifying operations
  • Enables enterprises to connect with existing or new IIoT applications easily
  • Deploys flexible, scalable, and secure connectivity in the industrial network
  • Industrial routers with a rugged design to face the heat of extreme weather conditions
  • Offers Rapid deployment and simple management
  • Industry-leading reliability and performance

The IO Advantage

The wireless environment in industries comes with its own challenges, wherein managing and controlling the devices can make a mess of things. At IO, our extensive range of Wi-Fi products especially designed and developed for the IIoT- industrial internet of things, we trigger the process of intelligent networking, planning, testing, and execution. We ensure to optimize efficiency to no limit so that businesses can experience success with seamless connectivity.

  • Manages mission-critical applications and equipment with Wi-Fi solutions
  • Ensures secure connectivity for all types of IIoT devices
  • Brings easy-to be integrated and high-performing connectivity
  • Solutions are tailored for IIoT applications
  • Streamlines automation and increases overall effectiveness

Class-Leading Tech for Hassle-Free Operations

EasyMesh Certified
EasyMesh Certified

For inter-operability functionality and uninterrupted operations

TWT (Target Wake Time)
TWT (Target Wake Time)

Saves battery life of smartphones, IoT, and other devices.


Reduced overhead, latency and enhanced throughput in high-density environments.

External Antenna
External Antenna

High gain Omni-directional antennas to remove dead spots and extend coverage.

Dual-band Radios
Dual-band Radios

Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM frequency bands for operation-specific intelligent RF network segregation.

WPA3 Security
WPA3 Security

Unmatched data encryption to deliver unparalleled security and privacy.

Cloud Management
Cloud Management

Single view dashboard for managing the entire network spread across multiple locations.

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