Empowering the retail industry with innovative and intuitive network architecture

The Retail Internet Evolution

The Internet has completely transformed the way shoppers shop or interact with retailers and brands. This new-age shopping experience is convenient and enhances the experiential qualities of innumerable retail environments. IO by HFCL has deployed class-leading Wi-Fi solutions for innovative retailers to gain an edge over their competition through cross-channel technologies, while also offering their consumers a seamless experience and positively influencing their decisions.


Turbocharging Omni-channel Retail

Retailers are now closer to their customers than ever before, thanks to disrupting Wi-Fi solutions. This proximity allows them to express the actual value of their brands in ways that wouldn’t even have been possible a few years ago. From increasing customer retention rate to optimising the supply chain, we focus on upgrading the overall retail experience.

  • High-density complaint solutions that can be managed from one central location
  • Wi-Fi 6 Access Points with throughput of up to 1.78 Gbps ensure high-quality video and audio output
  • OFDMA , MU-MIMO & Built-in Resource Scheduling offer uninterrupted real-time concurrent connectivity in super high-density environments
  • Data intensive application compliant to provide ultra-low latency for AR/VR 4K video and voice
  • QoS (Quality of Service) prioritises critical and time-sensitive apps without compromising the experience on other apps
  • 30dBm Dual-band Radios for an extensive coverage
  • Integrated Omnidirectional Antennas for 14 dBi sector for broader coverage
  • WPA3 Authentication for outstanding security and privacy
  • Self-Healing and Self-Optimising EasyMesh feature for optimal network uptime, requiring little or no adjustment
  • Highly Intuitive Cloud Management System for complete control over network configuration and optimisation
  • Target Wakeup Time (TWT) feature to optimise the battery life of connected devices

The IO Advantage

The retail sector is augmenting, and so are their connected tech needs. Growing retail businesses are adopting various connected technologies to optimise their operations and improve their overall customer experience. We at IO by HFCL understand the needs of growing retails and provide them with solutions that adapt to match their needs.

  • Quickly deployable end-to-end indoor and outdoor connectivity solutions
  • Reduced installation cost and complexity clutter
  • Seamless connectivity for streaming, uploading and downloading data, and connecting voice-command-based apps
  • Enhanced productivity with reliable network solutions
  • Reduced daily configurations and management time with full-fledged network visibility
  • Secure network architecture providing robust, low latency, scalable, flexible, and ultra-secure wireless network
  • Unmatched performance even in high-density environments with varying bandwidth-requiring applications

Class-Leading Tech for Hassle-Free Operations

EasyMesh Certified
EasyMesh Certified

For inter-operability functionality and uninterrupted operations.

TWT (Target Wake Time)
TWT (Target Wake Time)

Saves battery life of smartphones, IoT, and other devices.


Reduced overhead, latency and enhanced throughput in high-density environments.

External Antenna
External Antenna

High gain Omni-directional antennas to remove dead spots and extend coverage.

Dual-band Radios
Dual-band Radios

Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM frequency bands for operation-specific intelligent RF network segregation.

WPA3 Security
WPA3 Security

Unmatched data encryption to deliver unparalleled security and privacy.

Cloud Management
Cloud Management

Single view dashboard for managing the entire network spread across multiple locations.

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