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Sector Antenna UBR

Sector Antenna UBR

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Dish Antenna 5 GHz UBR Dual Pole Dish Antenna

Dish Antenna

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Omnidirectional Antenna Dual Band Wi-Fi Antenna, Omni, 6 dBi

Omnidirectional Antenna

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Wi-Fi Sector Antenna

Sector Antenna

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An Omnidirectional Antenna is one, which radiates and receives equally in all horizontal directions. These antennas provide a 360 degree horizontal radiation pattern. These are used when coverage is required in all directions (horizontally/azimuth) from the antenna with varying degrees of vertical coverage. These antennas are best suited for applications requiring all around coverage.

Sector Antennas, are classified as “Directional” Antennas and will only transmit and receive concentrated signals in one direction. A Sector Antenna is categorize by a sector shaped beamwidth having multiple configuration for commonly available 30°, 60°, 90° and 120° beamwidth patterns. Sectors Antennas are usually deploy higher up in the air and the height of deployment helps select the required antenna, as this affects the gain and coverage range.

Yes typically, an indoor application requires coverage in all directions and Omni Antennas are preferable choice. Indoor 2x2-ion4i Access Point comes with four integrated 4dBi Omni Antennas. Indoor 4x4-ion8i Access Point comes with eight integrated 4dBi Omni Antennas.

To provide connectivity in a clustered Access Point environment, Omni Antennas are utilized with outdoor Access Points. Outdoor 2x2 ion4e and outdoor 4x4 ion8e comes with a provision for N-connectors to attach external antenna, where cylindrical rod shaped Omni Antennas can be connected. General use case for this can be Railway platforms & stations, Bus-depots, Hospital outside premises, public hotspots etc.

No. As Indoor Access Points are having integrated antenna which is typically an Omnidirectional PCB Antennas, and there is no external connector option to connect Sector Antennas. Alternatively, Outdoor Access Points with Omnidirectional Antenna can be deployed for indoor applications such as long corridors of Hotels, Hostels etc.

Sector Directional Antennas provide high gain and sector shaped radiation coverage patterns and are very suitable for outdoor applications to mitigate interference losses. Outdoor 2x2-ion4 Access Point and Outdoor 4x4-ion8 Access Point comes with option for integrated 8dBi 90° Sector Antenna. Outdoor 2x2 ion4e Access Point and outdoor 4x4 ion8e Access Point also have provision for N-connectors to attach external Sector Antennas. Outdoor 4x4 ion8 Access Point, comes with option for 8 dBi 90 degree Sector Antenna. Outdoor 4x4 ion8e provides provision for N-connectors to attach external antenna. Sector Antenna with 17dBi gain and 30 degree beamwidth, 19 dBi 60 degree, 19 dBi 120 degree and 17 dBi 90 degree beamwidth options are available.

PTP UBR requires high gain directional antennas to provide connectivity covering long RF link distance. Dish Antennas are suitable choice for such applications due to their characteristic of high gain and narrow beamwidth. Dish Antenna with 23 dBi gain with 9 degree beamwidth and 25 dBi gain with 12 degree beamwidth options are provided with 2x2 MIMO based ion4ln UBR’s. 2X2 MIMO based ion4le comes with external N-type connectors.

PTMP UBR application requires antenna with high gain and wide beamwidth establish link at multiple points. Sector Antenna with 17 dBi gain and 30 degree beamwidth, 19 dBi 60 degree, 19 dBi 120 degree and 17 dBi 90 degree beamwidth options are available for typical 2x2 MIMO based ion4ln. 2X2 MIMO based ion4le comes with external N-type connectors.



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