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Wireless Technology by HFCL Reshapes India's Largest Bank, Paving the Way to Secure Financial Data

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The State Bank of India (SBI) is India's largest and one of the oldest public sector banks and stands as a cornerstone of the country's banking and financial sector. With a legacy of trust and reliability, it is the preferred choice for millions of Indians, offering innovative banking solutions, digital services, and a customer-centric approach. Its strong global presence also positions it as a prominent player in international banking, serving customers across borders. Its Global IT Center (GITC) exemplifies dedication to pushing banking excellence with modern technologies.

  • Vertical: Banking and Financial Services
  • Location: India
  • Type: Public Sector Bank
  • Size: One of India's largest banks


Need for high-speed Wi-Fi deployment within the SBI's Global IT Center to support the bank's digital transformation journey and keep up with the growing focus on accelerated digitalization. The existing network was insufficient to handle the comprehensive transition, which involved significant front-end and back-end changes required for the bank's technology-enabled banking landscape.


The Wi-Fi 6 upgrade at the SBI's GITC resulted in an impressive 2x reduction in employee complaints about network slowness, fostering a more efficient and productive work environment. The improved network capabilities and stability empowered the bank's IT team and tech partners to explore innovative applications and services. With Wi-Fi 6 Access Points supporting a vast number of connected devices, the adoption of IoT devices in the banking environment was facilitated. Additionally, the deployed solution enhanced security with advanced features, ensuring robust network and customer data protection against potential cyber threats.

Solution Deployed

The deployed solution comprised both Hardware and Software components, ensuring a ubiquitous, secure, and scalable Wi-Fi Access solution across the GITC Campus.

ion4xi Wi-Fi 6

ion4xi Wi-Fi 6 (2x2)

MU-MIMO high-capacity indoor Access Points

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Cloud Network Management System (cNMS)

Cloud Network Management System (cNMS)

Cloud network management for a single window view of the entire network

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