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Seamless Connectivity Reimagined with OpenRoaming

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In today's information-driven society, the internet's global reach is essential. As people increasingly rely on Wi-Fi for work and entertainment while on the move, there's a growing need for a seamless and secure global Wi-Fi network. OpenRoaming, a solution from the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), addresses this need by enhancing Wi-Fi connectivity, improving security, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders. It connects Wi-Fi Access Network Providers (ANP) and Identity Providers (IDP) to create a unified global Wi-Fi network, eliminating the hassles of multiple logins, security concerns, and complex terms and conditions. With OpenRoaming, connecting to Wi-Fi networks worldwide is effortless and secure.

  • Location: Global
  • Type: Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Size: Worldwide Connectivity Network


In a world where staying connected is crucial, achieving seamless Wi-Fi connectivity can be a real challenge. Lengthy sign-up processes, security worries, and interruptions while on the move can be frustrating and confusing in our fast-paced digital age. What we need is a solution that makes connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide effortless, smooth, and secure. A solution that lets you stay connected without thinking twice.


HFCL achieved a historic milestone by implementing the OpenRoaming standard across its entire Wi-Fi product range, setting a significant precedent in India's enterprise technology sector. During the "Wi-Fi and Delicensing of 6GHz" event, over 100 attendees seamlessly connected to HFCL's high-speed Wi-Fi network powered by OpenRoaming. The event showcased HFCL's advanced Wi-Fi 6 indoor Access Points, highlighting their capabilities to industry experts and stakeholders, emphasizing HFCL's technical expertise and practical solutions. Subsequently, HFCL's collaborative efforts with ISPs and telecom operators worldwide are generating increased interest in OpenRoaming-enabled Wi-Fi products, promising broader market reach and expanded global partnerships.

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